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Maximum Geek Vol. 2

Welcome to Maximum Geek Vol. 2. If you’re new to MG than welcome. We’re a couple of geeks who like to talk about tech, games, movies, music, politics, comics and just about anything else we find interesting that week.

 Jeff and I have been away from podcasting for a while now and we decided it was time to come back. In honor of our long absence we decided to start our numbering over with 1 (and we kind of like the fact that Vol. 1 ends at 69. Hey, we wared you we were geeks). For those of you who are returning listeners you know we always try to stay on a scheduel, sometimes life gets in the way though. The plan this time around is to post a new Max Geek every Tuesday night starting this Tuesday, 4/17/2007.

 You’ll notice a complete site redesign and a new way of doing business. Over the years MG has gone through some big changes in how we handle, well pretty much everything, this move to WordPress is just the latest in a long line of site redesigns. You’ll notice no links to our old forums on this page and from now on, no mention of them either. We’re starting with a fresh slate here, one that hopefully will make our lives a little simpler.

For those of you who’ve missed out on past episodes of MG, I’ll have an archive page available later this week, it’ll have links to all of our previous podcasts.

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