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Maximum Geek Vol. 2 Ep. 1

Maximum Geek has returned. Jeff and I bring you guys up to date on where we’ve been, where we’re going and what happened while we were taking a break. Here are the show notes.

  • Where have we been?
  • Where are we going?
  • Othe MMO news

Stuff that happened while we were gone

  • Wii
  • Vista
  • Windows Mobile 6

Mobile Minute

  • New Devices
  • Palm OS 2

Comic and Games Corner

  • Comic Cast Coming
  • DC Comic Watches Flash

That’s it for this episode. We go on a couple of rants and we get a bit long winded, but it’s a pretty good show I think. I’d really like to see some feedback, so if you’re happy to see that we’re back or just want to say hi, or wish we would just go away again, leave us a comment. Also, be sure to check back later this week for information on the upcoming (and as yet unnamed) comicbook podcast from Josh.

7 thoughts on “Maximum Geek Vol. 2 Ep. 1

  1. w00t! Max Geek is back!! I’m glad to see you guys are back in action! If you guys keep recording, I’ll be sure to no listen while I’m driving to and from work. =)

    Alan G

  2. I gotta say it was fun to record again and I’m glad to see we still have some listeners out there. 40 downloads in the first day, not bad for a podcast that completely dropped off the map for a several months. We’ll be back next tuesday with more podcasty goodness. I’ll also be doing my new comicbook podcast next week. I’m actually getting very excited about it, I’ll drop some more details tomorrow.

  3. There are actually two feeds, only one of which has a link. Under Meta on the main page you can find the everything RSS feed. There’s a seperate feed for just the podcast, but it wasn’t on the main page, I’ll make them a litle easier to find.

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