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On The Topic of Names

As you know if you listened to the podcast (or read the podcast notes) I’m going to be doing a comics podcast soon. By soon I mean sometime next week. I have a pretty good idea of what the first show will be. It’ll be a different kind of show than Max Geek, first of all it’s just me, secondly, it’s all about comics (well as much as I can stay on any one topic at least). The main difference though is it’s not just about what’s going on in comics today. I plan on devoting a good portion of each show to the history of comics. The origin of characters, crossovers and entire comic companies are certainly on the list.

I plan on looking for a lot of listener input on what to cover, I want to keep the history stuff as interesting for the listener as possible. So if you have a question or a suggestion for a comic topic for me to cover, shoot me an email at tibbarerew@gmail.com or just leave me a comment here. As soon as I get the name nailed down the show will get it’s own page (hosted here at Max Geek, no new domain for this one).

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