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Maximum Geek Vol. 2 Ep. 8

Maximum Geek Vol. 2 Ep. 8 is live and ready for your downloading pleasure. This is an episode with some really great content (and really poor sound quality, Blog Talk Radio has its down side). As a result of the poor sound quality and various technical issues which Blog Talk Radio has caused the last two weeks we’re going to stop doing it live every week. Every so often we’ll do a special live show (which we will announce on the website). Anyway, down to the show notes. Most of the show is dominated by talk of the Foleo and its two recently announced competitors.

  • Speed Racer details
  • Starwars, the force unleashed
  • Canon 50 megapixel CCD
  • Pico ITX
  • Dells new uber slim laptop Link
  • Foleo
    • Eee PC – Link
    • Via Nanobook Link    
  • What Palm, Apple and Microsoft have in common

I’d like to say thank you to our guests Alan Grassia (host of the 1src podcast and Foleo Fanatic and JAmerican (from the 1src chat). Alan will be returning next week to talk about something completely different, constructible card games. Again, next week we move back to our tried and true Teamspeak recorded podcasts.

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