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Maximum Geek V2 Ep 14

WE’RE BACK. We’ve been on a bit of a break. But now we’re back, although we’re a little out of practice in this episode. Also, we agree on far to much, someone get Jeff off of his meds. Anyway, here’s what we cover.

    • Where we’ve been. 
    • The world of HD (and why Michael Bay is an idiot).
    • Dell’s new Tablet. 
    • The writers strike and why studios are idiots. 
    • Christmas Gifts for Geeks
      • Jeff
        • Wii
        • XBox 360
        • Inflatable woman with motorized parts
      • Josh
        • Masterpiece Starscream
        • Stargate SG1 on DVD
        • Bladerunner 5 disk collectors edition
        • Star Trek HD
    • Mobile Minute
      • Android



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