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Maximum Geek V2 Ep 15

Another episode of Max Geek is up, here’s what Jeff and I cover.

 XBox 360, it rocks

Halo Hummer

Knight Rider

WGA Strike Updates


MacBook Air

HD-DVD, it’s not dead yet.

Marvel is screwing up Spidey, again.

 Much better show this week and we should be back next week with another one. As always, let us know what you think.

3 thoughts on “Maximum Geek V2 Ep 15

  1. Hey guys, sorry we’ve been so quiet, things are a bit… hectic. Not going into more details right now, let’s just say that once some of the earthquakes calm down in my world we’ll be getting back to podcasting (who knows how regular we’ll make it though, not promising nothing lol).

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