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Maximum Geek Vol. 2 Ep. 21

We\’re on a real roll here. It’s another episode of Max Geek and Jeff and I are a bit scattered, which is really nothing new. Someone should really be in charge of show notes and keeping on topic or something. Crap that’s supposed to be me. Next weeks Writerly cast will be a bit late since I’ll be in Colorado seeing The Police live. Should be awesometastic. Here’s what we cover.

  • Charlie the Unicorn 2 Link
  • Dr. Horrible Link
  • Live Mesh
  • Splashtop on the Envy 133. Someone buy me this laptop, because two laptops just isn’t enough. link
  • Mobile Me and iPhone launch issues
  • Treo 800w hotness
  • E3 Topics
    • Guitar Hero World Tour impressions video
    • PS3 Price Drop, 80 Gig unit dropping to $399.
    • XBox 360 dashboard changes link

Tune in next week for more hilarity.

4 thoughts on “Maximum Geek Vol. 2 Ep. 21

  1. OK Jeff, based on this podcast, your reviews and blogs, I jumped in and exchanged my Q9c for the 800W (good enough for JK, god enugh for me). So far, everything you state is accurate; really fast internet, but the device is SO hard to get used to!

    I was a JK convert fron the 6700 days, when your ROM was the only one that never crashed, and reduced my presence on PPCGeeks when they flamed you to qiescence.

    This thing needs a great today screen; an HTC plugin or better, without having to download 5 extra apps. I wrote you once asking for your wizardry to create a WM Standard style panel screen, and also, I remember you did a lot of Palm tweaks t the 6700 ROM (scrool bars, etc). How about a JK cab with mods?

  2. So far, I’ve tried pretty much everything, including full on shell replacements like Spb Mobile Shell. But really, Palm has unified the hardware and Windows Mobile user experience. I keep coming back to a pretty much stock setup. The only thing I change is I use Spb Diary to give me a tabbed layout on the Today screen and group Today plugins by context.

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