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Sprint Airave, The Good, The Bad and The WTF

So, I’ve been waiting for today. Launch day for Sprints big product that was going to keep me with them. The Sprint Airave. For those of you who don’t know, the Airave is basically a cell tower for your living room. It connects to sprint through your broadband connection and gives you very good signal inside your house. I drop calls in my house all the time, I was psyched.

Some quick details, I think the Airave is a bit overpriced at $99 to buy it and then $5 to $10 a month (per phone, $5 to use your existing minutes, $10 for unlimited when connected to the Airave). I was stoked even with the steep entry price of $99.

I showed up at my local Sprint store, credit card in hand. I called ahead to make sure they had it. So I tell the kiosk chick I’m here for the Airave, she stares blankly for a moment and then goes “Oh, those, we’ve got them, we’ll get a salesman with you soon.” Cue me standing around for 20 minutes waiting. The salesman is a nice guy (I worked with him on the whole Q9 fiasco) I tell him I want the Airave he says “It’s not out yet” I say “It came out today and you have them.” He looks a little confused then someone else tells him they do. He goes back and gets me my ticket to getting rid of my home phone.

Now I’m the only guy in the state apparently who knows this is launch day for the Airave. So no one has done an activation of one. This is where the WTF comes in. You see, I have a discount on my account, when Sprint switched over to the new billing system it flagged all accounts with any sort of corporate discount on it as a commercial account. Turns out the Airave isn’t available for commercial accounts (stupid fucking bullshit decision #1). Not a huge deal, 20 minutes later I’m fixed and an individual again. So now we go back to activate the Airave. It still won’t go. Cue Sprint Customer Service Rep Jeremey (nice guy, no complaints about him) calling for some tech support. I stand and listen. 30 minutes later they figure out that the Airave, from an account perspective, is treated like a phone, it requires an open line.

Now I haven’t been exactly good about paying on time, so I’m screwed, I can’t get a 3rd line added. Even though there isn’t actually a phone attached and it’s a whooping $10 a month difference, I can’t get a damn Airave because I can’t have another line. I DON’T NEED ANOTHER LINE, I NEED THE ONE I HAVE TO WORK. So Jeremy is a good guy so he tries calling credit, who promptly dismisses him saying “nothing we can do”. So what exactly is the fucking point of taking up a phone line with the Airave? Bottom line is it’s about equipment tracking and it’s complete bullshit.

So I’m sitting here, unable to use my Cell phone to talk to people because my house is a giant blackhole for all wireless signals. Yay. Fuck you very much Sprint, my contract is up early next year and I’m about to say bye bye. They need to fix some of this shit like yesterday, no wonder they’re self destructing.

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