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Maximum Geek Vol. 2 Ep. 24

Hey, we’re up early this week, woohoo. We cover a lot and in the end I lay the smack down on Jeff. Here’s what we cover.

  • Intel Nehalem, 4 cores, 8 threads
  • 6 core Xeon server processors
  • AMD kicks some Atom ass link
  • Toshiba upscaling DVD player, but is it really a surplus HD-DVD player with new firmware? link
  • Hong Kong Lego User Group makes 300,000 brick Olympic complex link
  • Vista gets no loving, as many as a third of PC still ship with XP link
  • Mobile way more than a minute
    • Sprint Airave, The Good, The Bad and the WTF.
    • Sprint being a dumbass, part deux… Diamond $100 more than the iPhone link
    • HTC Dream approved by FCC, T-Mobile to carry first Android phone this fall link
    • Treo Pro leaked, redacted, leaked… link
    • Intel has something up its sleeve link
    • Game changing hardware link

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