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Warner’s New DC Direction

Warner Bros. Pictures talked with the Wall Street Journal about their new direction for DC Comic films. The main film they talked about was Superman. Their plan is to make darker films, this is a direct result of the success of The Dark Knight. This appears to be a completely new Superman similar to what they did with Batman Begins. The eventual goal seems to be to do something similar to what Marvel is doing. It seems they want to bring Superman more in line with Batman so the two can work together eventually. In other words they’ve learned the completely wrong lesson from Marvel and the success of Batman.

The first mistake they’re making is in misunderstanding the success of The Dark Knight. It’s a good movie, but I seriously doubt it would have been this successful if it wasn’t for Heath Ledgers death. Not to take anything away from the film makers, but the hype doesn’t get much better than a death, especially when you’re a sequel to a successful film. Again I’m not saying it’s not a good film, but without Heath Ledger and his death it wouldn’t have done as well. What Marvel gets that Warner doesn’t is that there is room for different kinds of films in the same shared world. The tone of Hulk and Iron Man were different, they were in fact very different films.

With Superman I can see going darker than Superman Returns, but not anywhere near Dark Knight territory, I’m very worried they’ll do a serious disservice to the character trying to mimic Dark Knight. Warner has not shown any real ability to handle it’s properties when it comes to film, the good stuff has really been a result of them getting out of the way. There are several titles in development from DC, we’ll see what happens but I’m not really holding my breath.

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