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Maximum Geek Vol. 2 Ep. 25

Well, this is something of an odd ball episode. This is the first episode (out of the 94 episodes we’ve done between vol 1 and 2) that Jeff isn’t in. Jeff took a mental health day, he’s trying to ween himself off politics. So Rick Cartwright joins me. Rick has been a friend of ours for quite a while and he’s guested on at least one prior episode of Max Geek (back in our trying to do live shows stage). Rick was originally set to join us as the moderate conservative view for our political discussion (which he does at the end). We got kind of carried away with what was supposed to be 15 or 20 minutes of tech talk, well at least half the show ended up being about tech.

There is another milestone, this is the first to be continued Max Geek. Rick and I just ran out of time and we were just getting started on politics. Next week sometime Rick and I will do a mini Max Geek Political cast to wrap things up. Without further ado I bring you the Max Geek 25 show notes.

  • Does Google Chrome shine?
  • XBox 360 price cuts, does this mean the XBox is ready to be replaced?
  • Spore, it’s coming and it’s going to rock
  • Politics
    • National conventions, do we need them?
    • Attack ads
    • Palin, we start in on the discussion but have to stop halfway through.

So, stay tuned next week, we should have a regular episode and a mini episode on politics with me and Rick.

6 thoughts on “Maximum Geek Vol. 2 Ep. 25

  1. Josh, that’s not exactly true. The PS3 HDD removal requires NO HACK AT ALL!! It is easily replaceable. You do need a screwdriver to replace the drive but it is replaceable. The Xbox 360’s proprietary HDDs are way to expensive and you can’t hack it without getting kicked off LIVE.

    PS3 HDD setup isn’t as easy to pick up and run with it but at least it cost less to replace a PS3 HDD.

  2. OK, here’s the deal. To replace the PS3 HD with an equivalent 7200 RPM drive to the 360’s 120 gig, you’re talking around $120 (I priced through CDW). The XBox 360 120 gig drive runs $150 at Best Buy (that’s not even trying to find it cheaper online, if you look you can easily get it down to $120 or even $100). So you’re saving $30 to get the same performance as the 360’s drive. The 360 is an easy drop in replacement and can be reswapped at any time. The 360 easily handles drive swaps. None of that is true with the PS3.

  3. Josh, the 360 drive does not have a 7200RPM drive in it so why are you looking for a 7200RPM drive for the PS3. To be fair, you’d look up a 5400RPM drive on the PS3 which goes for $62 on Newegg. So its much cheaper than even the price-cut 120GB HDD for $150. About $88 cheaper than the 120GB HDD. My bro got his 120GB WD HDD for his PS3 for $20 in a clearance sale. I doubt you’d find the 120GB Xbox 360 drives for any cheaper than $120.

  4. My mistake on the drive speed. Yes upgrading the drive costs less on the PS3 (really our only debate has been how much). However, most users won’t be upgrading the drive. If you want to talk over all cost we can, I don’t think you want to do that though. This was never about anything but pointing I was wrong though.

    Also, thank you for doing the math, I’m not an idiot I just made a mistake on the XBox drives speed.

  5. I just wanted to make sure there was clarification. I own a 360 myself and think it’s great but there are downsides to it. The proprietary nature of the HDD drive is one of those downsides. I personally was able to get a 60GB HDD for FREE so my storage problems are solved for now. But I find that the console is way too proprietary to that of the Wii and PS3. The lack of media card input slots. The lack of using external USB drives on the system for storing files. The lack of being able to just change the HDD in the HDD chassis without having to have copyrighted information on the drive… etc. Too locked down. It feels like an Apple product at times.

  6. Sorry about my grouchiness. You make a point about proprietary hardware. I just have trouble seeing Sony as non-proprietary. I mean even their HD video cameras shoot a proprietary damn video format.

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