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Spore DRM, Taking it Down a Notch

OK, EA isn’t stupid. They’re taking some steps to loosen up the DRM of Spore. The first thing they’re addressing is install limit, it’s being increased to 5. By itself that’s useless really, but that’s not all their doing. They’re taking steps to allow deauthorization without calling EA tech support. So that helps that issue and will make it acceptable to many people (probably not Jeff though :P). They other issue they’re taking care of is the number of accounts. Instead of the previous one per copy of the game they’re upping it to 5, one for each install. This should be more than enough for most families so I’d say that one is a win. Still, is this enough?

Well I think the changes are enough for those people in the general populous who weren’t buying the game, but it won’t be enough for the geeks who are already taking a stand against the game. They’re not going to change their minds for anything short of dropping the DRM. The thing is, it may already be too late to fix the good will they lost.

EA has caused some serious damage to the reputation of Spore. As I said earlier this fix is probably enough for the average user. The problem is they probably won’t know it’s happening. The people that this likely to make buy the game will probably never hear about it. Sure the game has already sold well and it will sale well on consoles too. But sales numbers isn’t the only thing that matters.

There are people out there who already aren’t fans of EA (myself included). Many people think EA is heavy handed in what they do to win a market. The best example being the NFL license. They couldn’t be the 2K games so they bought exclusive rights to the NFL. Of course EA is crying all the way to the bank.  Still the don’t need any more bad publicity like this.

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