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Maximum Geek Vol. 2 Ep. 27

Alright, Jeff and I were trying something new, we were trying to be on topic and keep the cast under 45 minutes. We failed, miserably, horribly, terribly failed. This was an epic fail if ever I’ve seen one (and I’ve seen more than one). In fact we ran so long we had to cut our main discussion. Anyway, look for a discussion on whether Googles cloud based apps are going to make choice of OS a moot point. Here’s what we did cover.

  • Windows 7 going on a diet.
  • LHC
  • VooDooPC shake up?
  • Sony Vaio TT
  • Warhammer Online
  • EA eases up on Spore DRM
  • New TV Shows – Fringe and 11th hour – can they stop shooting themselves in the foot?
  • Mobile Minute
    • Palm OS Nova delayed
    • Windows Mobile 7 delayed
    • Android

There you have it, another fine episode. Look for us next week, maybe we won’t double our target time.


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