Belief is powerful. Belief can heal and it can destroy. I believe in a lot of things but until now I didn’t know what it was to believe in a person. I’ve never been about the individual when it comes to belief. Belief in one person is dangerous, I’m someone who believes in ideas. I’m still someone who believes in ideas. I believe in the ideas of Barrack Obama and believe in his ability to bring change to this country.

I want to make it clear that this isn’t blind belief, I know I won’t agree with everything he does. I know he’s not flawless or perfect. I know he’s got much to do to prove himself. I also know Barrack Obama believes in our country and its people. He believes all of them, regardless of their religion, politics or color.  He believes that this truly is a great country and that we can come together. I believe Obama is a man who can help bring us together. l believe that Obama brings hope.

Hope is where this all started for me. A year ago I was not excited about the future of our government. I had no idea who Obama was and I figured the democratic nominee would be Hilary. I didn’t believe in Hilary or her beliefs. I believed the country was in a downwards spiral and I had little to no hope that we would pull out of it. Then I heard Obama speak and for the first time I knew what hope really was. In the end that’s what Obama brings, belief and hope.

There’s a long road ahead and I’m still not sure our economy can be fixed. I do believe that Obama will do everything he can for this country. I believe Obama has hope for this country and that his hope can and will inspire others. For the first time I can see our country heading in a positive direction. For the first time I have hope in our future and for my childrens future.

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