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Maximum Geek Writing Update #1

OK, Jeff and I did something a little different last night. Instead of recording a full blown cast we did a short (for us) writing update. We talked about our NaNo/MGUWC stories and gave some more info on the Maximum Geek Utlimate Writing Challenge and why we’re doing it. I’m going to do something a little different and summarize our answers for the two questions we get the most about MGUWC. In cas you aren’t up for the 38 minute cast.

Question #1: “What’s the point, NaNo is already long enough to build a habit.”

Answer: Most of the people I know who do NaNo write their 50,000 words and quit. Some of them quit halfway through a story. I know very few people who keep writing (or even editing) after NaNo is over. The MGUWC is about keeping up that habit all year long. That’s why we have different target word counts. Not everyone can write 2,000 words everyday. For the MGUWC the point isn’t how much but that you take the time to write something, anything, EVERY day, not just every day for a month.

Question #2: “What’s different about MGUWC from NaNoWriMo, is it just longer?”

Answer: There are several differences. Probably the largest (besides length) is what you can write. This isn’t just for novelists. You can write poetry, journal entries, blog posts anything that involves writing counts. The other difference is editing and rewriting count. We haven’t quite figured out how to handle a metric for that though. MGUWC is about options.

Alright, now that those important questions are answered, go listen to the cast, we go into more detail about the point of MGUWC and why it grew from something just Jeff was doing into a challenge for anyone.

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