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At it again

So, Jeff and I have been talking a lot lately, we’re interested in doing something with Maximum Geek. It’s near and dear to our hearts and we’d like to see it not just fall apart because we’re disorganized and sometimes not all that mentally stable. So, as has happened in the past I’m posting a couple of articles this week. One on the iPad, the other on comics (and the iPad, mostly comics though).

Beyond articles, well we’ll see. I’m not going to go making promises I can’t keep. Although I have a couple of ideas to keep us and our fans (which has probably dwindled from a couple hundred to 2, and their names are Josh and Jeff) interested and entertained.

So look for article 1 “Why Steve Jobs Hates Creativity” in the next day or so. I think I can piss a number of people off with this one. Article 2 “The Silicon Age Begins” wills how up later in the week.

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