Maximum Geek Vol 3 Ep 3

Hey, look, it’s a podcast and it hasn’t even been 6 months. There has been a lot of stuff going on in the tech world so we hit some highlights and banter a bit. Our primary topics are the iPhone HD and HP buying Palm. We finish off with a little talk about MMO’s.

As usual I’m not promising any kind of regular schedule but we’ve been talking about what we can do to improve Max Geek and we’re quite happy to take suggestions. So, enjoy the show, it comes in at just over an hour.

2 thoughts on “Maximum Geek Vol 3 Ep 3

  1. Wow,I am so excited you guys are playing STO. I am @alslayer hope to see you online.

  2. I’m @tibbar haven’t been playing much of anything lately but I’m always looking for people to help me kill stuff 🙂

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