So on tap for last week I had an article on the future of comics. I went into some last minute rewrites and then ran smack dab into my trip to Cancun. So look for it tomorrow. And while I’m talking about comics. I’m considering reviving the Maximum Geek Comic Cast. Since it went away I’ve received several requests to bring it back and it was something I’ve always loved. I’ve dropped back my comic reading significantly since I started it but I still think I have a lot to offer.

The new and improved Comic Cast will focus on the history of comics and giving people the information they need to get into certain characters. I will also discuss the state of the industry and give a history of some of my favorite (and I believe the best) comic writers in the business, both past and present. So if you’re interested tune in. Like I said, I’m going monthly on this one, which should make it much easier on me and allow me to still do a monthly cast with Jeff. I’ll be putting the links back up for the comic cast page once I’ve retooled it’s look (and given it a significant WordPress upgrade).

As was the custom in the original comic cast I’ll also be answering questions. So if you have questions about characters, stories, the latest news or even just the industry in general let me know and I’ll do my best to fill you in.

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