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Maximum Geek Vol 3 Ep 6

Alright it’s another fun filled episode of Maximum Geek. We missed last week do to a raging headache on Josh’s part (for once this wasn’t caused by Jeff). This time we’re all over the place but amazingly on topic and non-confrontational. Maybe we’re pod people and we just don’t know it. Anyway, here’s what we cover.

  • Amazons New Kindle Link
  • Apples Magic Trackpad Link
  • Firefox Beta 4 and Tab Candy
  • DMCA updated for the better Link
  • Comics: BOOM! POW! Mark Waid and Stan Lee, kicking super villain butt. Link
  • Gaming: PCs vs. Consoles FIGHT!
  • Gaming: Starcraft 2, it’s here. Link

There you have it folks. This one comes in at just a smidge under an hour, so sit back and enjoy.

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