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Maximum Geek Vol 3 Episode 9

Yes, we have recorded a podcast. We actually recorded one a few weeks ago, but callgraph ate it. Now we’re here and the talk is geeky. This episode clocks in at over an hour and twenty minutes, so there’s plenty of talking. We plan on being back “soon” (read next week). We’ve got a lot going on and a lot to catch up on. So here’s what we cover.

  • News
    • Why we mostly talk about mobile tech these days
    • The tragedy in Japan and how it effects technology
    • iOS can’t figure out DST
    • IE 9 is coming
    • Alas poor Zune
    • Netflix is EVERYWHERE
    • Twitter tells devs to piss off
  • Mobile Tech
    • Sprint Buying T-Mobile?
    • Amazon Android App Store
    • Thunderbolt Mark 17th (confirmed by Verizon this morning)
    • Jeff’s Android love affair
    • iPad 2, there are no unicorns here, move along

Stay tuned for… well some other time (probably next Monday) when we do more talking about stuff.

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