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Maximum Geek Vol 3 Ep 11


Maximum Geek is back and this time they mean business. Except not. There was very little business covered in actuality, but there was lots of laughing and joking and mocking. Also there’s a bit of a contest between Jeff and myself which I’ll discuss later. First up, here’s the topic list.

  • Nintendo 3DS hands on
  • Amazon pumps up the jam in the cloud link
  • Kindle hits $114 link
  • Google and Apple rumored to be getting ready to pump up their own cloud jams
  • $250 Nook vs. $350 Galaxy Tab FIGHT!
  • Netflix getting Mad new shows.
  • Doctor Who. The Tardis.
  • China says no to time travel
  • George Takei is a twitter god follow him
  • “Your Majesty” looks like a crappy movie
  • Random guy rumor of the day
  • Unicode video link

During the show I throw down the gauntlet and challenge Jeff to an Oh My off. Take a listen to each of us doing our George Takei impression and then vote on twitter with the hash tag #maxgeekohmy for your favorite Oh My.

Josh Oh My

Jeff Oh My

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