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Wally’s New Costume

Something big happened in DC Rebirth #1, one of my favorite characters was returned, Wally West. Of course New 52 had its own Wally, also a nephew of Iris West. Thanks to Rebirth we now know, for certain, that the two Wally’s are cousins named after their great-grandfather Wallace West. With Wally returning to the DCU and the other Wally taking the mantle of Kid Flash (along with the traditional yellow costume). Wally needed something new.

I like it, it brings to mind Wallace West, another (darker) universe version of Wally that filled in for a while at a time when Wally was on a bit of a speed force walk about. I like the silver, and the darker red colors. I was always kind of partial to the hair sticking out of the top as well. All in all, we’re going to call this a win.

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