A Tale of 3 E3 Events

So the big three had their E3 events over the last few days. The last one was Nintendo on Tuesday afternoon. The three conferences were very different. I started to write a long-winded article about which was better, but I decided a run down of those conferences and the two best things from each would be a better use of time.


Microsoft started the ball rolling on Monday afternoon. Their conference was a mix of games and hardware, as well as talk about Play Anywhere. I did an article on the hardware on Monday if you’re interested in that check it out here. Play Anywhere is basically a licensing model for most, if not all, first party games, buy it on PC or XBox One and get it on the other. Game progress and achievements are shared across both versions, it also includes cross-platform multi-player.

Two games really stood out for me during Microsoft’s conference the first was ReCore. ReCore looks like it could be crazy fun. ReCore is a pet centered game where you have a pet robot which can be upgraded and modified from pieces of other robots you fight through out the game. The graphics look awesome and it looks like a lot of fun. The next game was We Happy Few and I’m really going to have to play that one. It’s an incredibly bizarre game that appears to be somewhere between an adventure and a survival game with you running from all the horrors of this strange world where everyone takes their “happy pills” and nobody gets hurt. Super creepy looking and incredibly disturbing. The big disappointment of Microsoft’s show was Scalebound, I’ve been so excited for the dragon riding game of awesomeness but the boss fight they showed seemed a bit unimpressive. Then again it was really unclear what the actual play mechanics are for the game.


Sony started off with ten minutes of watching a guy play the new God of War. Not the most exciting 10 minutes of my life. Sony’s presentation was all games all the time. A lot of game footage was shown and not much else was talked about. The biggest stand out game here for me was The Last Guardian, the graphics aren’t as jaw dropping as I’d hoped but I think the game looks like it will have a lot of character and I’m kind of excited to see how it plays. The second big thing for me out of Sony was Crash Bandicoot remastered, which could be awesome, I always liked Crash. There were several VR games and they looked like they could maybe exciting but there are way too many questions up in the air about the controllers and how the games will play so I’m staying away from them until I get some more information. Which could come next week when the VR experiences start hitting Best Buys around the country. I will say this, Star Wars in VR could be cool.

wii u logo

Nintendo really didn’t say much or give us much hope. No talk or hint about future hardware, they just talked two games (well kind of 3) Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon as well as the new Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They both look neat, and you can do things like jump for the first time in a Zelda game. Lots of potential here but game-play is going to be an important part of puzzle for Zelda. I mean it looks great but there are a lot of questions, and for some reason still no female main character option. Still it looked impressive. Nintendo’s event definitely suffered the most of the big three. I think no hardware was a big mistake, we know that the NX is coming and it’s not like they’re going to cannibalize the Wii U market, because there really isn’t one, the NX can fix things, but not if they sit on it too long.

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