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Maximum Geek Episode 111 – We’re Back

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That’s right, Maximum Geek. Josh AND Jeff are here for all of the shenanigans you’ve come to expect. Taking a page from DC and Marvels books we’re going back to our original numbering… well sort of. This is episode 111, which is what it puts us at when you combine all of the prior volumes of MG. So, you’re probably wondering what we covered.

  • Comic Books
    • Captain America and how Jeff feels about heroes
    • DC Universe Rebirth
  • Josh’s future arcade cabinet
  • Virtual Reality – Is it real this time?
  • Tragic Tesla auto pilot death
  • Star Trek Fan Film Guidelines and why they suck

So, give it a listen and tell us how much you love (or hate) it, but we know you’ll love it. Or at least not hate it, probably.

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