Podcast incoming

Jeff and I have scheduled a time and put together a topic list for the next episode of Max Geek. That’s right, we’re actually going to post a new podcast. It will be up by the end of the week. Get ready to get your geek on.

Vol 3. is Here

Alright, we’re rolling out Vol. 3 as we speak. The new format is mini-casts. Most of our casts from now on will be ongoing conversations between Jeff and I which take place as mini-casts, about 1 to 5 minutes a piece. They’ll post first to twitter for people who want to follow it live and …

Excuse the mess

I’m doing a fairly extensive redesign as part of Max Geek Vol. 3. So don’t expect much going on here for a bit. Definitely follow us on twitter though. Twitter.com/maxgeek.

Maximum Geek Vol. 2 Ep. 30

Hey, we’re back, sorta, but here’s a fresh (well recorded on December 2nd) Max Geek. Here’s what us professional underachievers cover. Live rickroll Mines of Moria Dell 1340… interesting, maybe. iPhone vs. Windows Mobile New Zune subscription NXE Windows 7 no graphics accelaration required. netbook amazon ownage Notebooks for life


OK, something I messed with the last two days actually fixed the download links. Sorry that took so long, there’s a shiny new Max Geek sitting on my hard drive to be uploaded later today or tomorrow.

Coming Soon

Mark June 26th on your calendar, Jeff and I are trying something new. Maximum Geek is going to be coming out only 3 times a month, in that 4th slot we’re doing a new podcast, one about writing AND reading, a literary podcast if you like. It’s the Writerly Stuff cast, we’ll cover books we’re …

Maximum Geek Vol. 2 Ep. 17

Two weeks in a row? What has come over us???? There is something clearly wrong here. Anyway here is what we talk about this week. Customer Service, maybe it isn’t dead 2nd Gen iPhone Redfly vs. Mini-Notebooks (also known as Jeff is a nutcase) Pulp Fiction So let’s see if we can keep this on …

Maximum Geek Vol. 2 Ep. 16

We’re back, after yet another long haitus we have returned with a vengance. This cast weighs in at almost an hour, we talk about what we’ve been doing and how things have changed for us. We catch up some the topics from the previous Max Geek. Here are some highlights.  Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band …

Maximum Geek V2 Ep 15

Another episode of Max Geek is up, here’s what Jeff and I cover.  XBox 360, it rocks Halo Hummer Knight Rider WGA Strike Updates JLA MacBook Air HD-DVD, it’s not dead yet. Marvel is screwing up Spidey, again.  Much better show this week and we should be back next week with another one. As always, …