Short Casts?

So I was thinking. What would people think of really short (like 5 or 10 minute) casts a couple times a week with just some news and a little commentary. Most likely this would just be me riffing (unless Jeff wants in). Maybe just rant casts. Something like that. Any thoughts?

Spore DRM, Taking it Down a Notch

OK, EA isn’t stupid. They’re taking some steps to loosen up the DRM of Spore. The first thing they’re addressing is install limit, it’s being increased to 5. By itself that’s useless really, but that’s not all their doing. They’re taking steps to allow deauthorization without calling EA tech support. So that helps that issue …

A Few Changes

I actually changed my mind, I’ll just use the article break tag and leave the RSS feeds as is. I didn’t like how short the summaries ended up being. So the main page should be cleaned up but RSS feeds should remain unchanged.

I Hate Fox

I resisted the urge to cuss in the title of this post, I don’t think I’ll resist that urge in the rest of the post, you’ve been warned. You see, Fox is seeking an injunction against Warner to stop the release of Watchmen. According a recent ruling Fox MIGHT not have given away all their …

Intel i7 Turbo Mode

OK all you relics of computing like me, reach way back into your memory and think of those Turbo buttons on the front of your 486 computers. Remember those? Well Intel i7’s won’t actually have those, but all the processors in the i7 family will have a turbo mode. So we all know most computer …

Follow Us On Twitter

Jeff and I have taken to Twittering, so keep informed on all kinds of stuff, like when I workout and what I had for lunch. Also sometimes Max Geek related stuff. Jeff Josh

A Surprise From Intel

Part of last nights MG was some discussion over what this interesting tablet device teased at IDF was. Well it’s no longer a mystery, it turns out it’s a boring medical tablet. A Panasonic Toughbook to be precise. How exactly is this big news? I mean is it a Transformer? Does it become a kick …