So on tap for last week I had an article on the future of comics. I went into some last minute rewrites and then ran smack dab into my trip to Cancun. So look for it tomorrow. And while I’m talking about comics. I’m considering reviving the Maximum Geek Comic Cast. Since it went away …

Maximum Geek Writing Update #1

OK, Jeff and I did something a little different last night. Instead of recording a full blown cast we did a short (for us) writing update. We talked about our NaNo/MGUWC stories and gave some more info on the Maximum Geek Utlimate Writing Challenge and why we’re doing it. I’m going to do something a …

Maximum Geek Vol. 2 Ep. 30

Hey, we’re back, sorta, but here’s a fresh (well recorded on December 2nd) Max Geek. Here’s what us professional underachievers cover. Live rickroll Mines of Moria Dell 1340… interesting, maybe. iPhone vs. Windows Mobile New Zune subscription NXE Windows 7 no graphics accelaration required. netbook amazon ownage Notebooks for life

Maximum Geek Vol. 2 Ep. 29

We’re quicky approaching our 100th episode (if you combine vol. 1 and vol. 2) and our 4 year anniversary. Look for something special the week of November 17th. Anyway, here’s what Jeff and I covered. NaNoWriMo Microsoft News Live Mesh Office Online Azure Windows 7 Win Mob 6.5 The next step in Netbooks